Social Networking

The importance and benefits of social media marketing is understood by many businesses, and for this reason, many of them are utilizing it and many more have started using it. There are more than 200 social media websites, but only some are suitable for promoting businesses.

The following statistics will help you understand better the growing importance and usage of social media among businesses.

56% of world’s population is using social media websites. Among them:

  • 54% users have facebook account
  • 13% users are using linkedIn
  • 10% users are active on twitter
  • 8% users have signed up for Google+

More Statistics – released on April 2013

  • Social media produces double the marketing leads made by tele-calling, PPC or other marketing methods.
  • Leads conversion rate in social media marketing is 13% higher than traditional marketing.
  • 21% of the companies quote that the social media have become the most important part of their business.
  • 74% of the companies say that Facebook is very important for their lead generation.
  • 52% of marketers have reported that they have acquired customers via facebook, 43% and 36% of marketers have acquired their customers via  LinkedIn and twitter respectively.
  • 85% of fans to a brand fan page on Facebook recommend that brand to other users.
  • 46% of users refer to social media account or fan page before their buying decision.
  • 23% of marketers are willing to spend more on social media marketing this year than last year (2012).
  • According to screwpilecommunications (, 85% of businesses have reported greater increase in their marketing exposure.
  • 40% of small business who are into social media marketing are getting better ROI (return on investment) as reported by manta.
  • 71% of the social media users are purchasing products of the brand they are following online.
  • 91% of users use facebook to find the details of the local businesses (source:
  • According to manta (, 50% of small businesses have increased their time spent on social media.
  • According to manta, 18% of small businesses are taking the assistance from third parties to look after their social media marketing.

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