The Nite Cafe

The Nite Cafe is a great hangout featuring some really great American Roots Blues music.  A typical sampling of tunes at the Cafe will feature slide guitar, mandolin, tuba, button accordion, and more playing original music with strong American roots!

What We Did:

  • Site layout/design.
  • FLASH animation.
  • MP3 audio integration.
  • Online shopping cart support.

Using their experience in early blues and R&B, old timey, jug band, country rock, not to mention various European traditions, the members of Nite Café, Denny Hall and Judy Wayenberg, are creating rich, rhythmic and soulful music. Joel Tepp, an old friend and music partner of Denny’s joins them on three songs for the first album.

The goal of this project was to create an online “juke joint.”  The home page ( features a FLASH animation that draws the visitor into the Cafe, where music is blasting.