Dr. Cynthia Boxrud

Cynthia A. Boxrud, M.D, FACS, (located in Santa Monica, CA) is a medical specialist in Facial Ophthalmic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, as well as Orbital and Ophthalmic Oncology. She is one of 4 % of female surgeons in the United States that holds not one, but two “fellowships.” Visit Dr. Boxrud’s site to learn more.

What We Did:

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Cynthia Boxrud, MD, FACS is a highly qualified surgeon, who has been practicing medicine for over 20 years. Her successful practice has grown throughout the years thanks to the referrals of satisfied patients and her return clients. Once you visit the office and meet the doctor and her staff, you will understand why Dr. Boxrud continues to be one of the most sought after surgeons in Los Angeles.

The project goal was to create a site with easy navigation to information.  Dr. Boxrud’s practice involves a large selection of treatment procedures and products so it was essential that visitors could easily navigate the site.