DeTemple Guitars

Mike is an old friend of mine from “band days” in the 60’s Southern California scene.  Out of a modest, overflowing workshop in California’s San Fernando Valley, Michael DeTemple crafts some of the most exquisite Strat and Tele-styled guitars imaginable.

The goal for Mike’s site was to get his visitors as close as possible to “hearing” his instruments through images.  Give a listen at

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In 1995, he founded DeTemple Guitars and began building handmade Stratocaster- and Telecaster-style solid body guitars using original 1950s vintage instruments as templates. His guitars are highly sought after by collectors and professional musicians. Master luthier Rick Turner, has referred to his guitars as “…the one out of 5,000 — the top half of one percent of all these types of guitars… the dream Strat-style guitars that everybody’s chasing after.” Mike has hand crafted guitars for Bob Dylan, John Fogerty and some well known Jazz musicians. DeTemple employs the “esoteric” centuries-old method of tap-tuning the woods he uses in his creations. He also uses “30,000 year-old fossilized Mastodon ivory tusk” nuts, his own pickups, bridges, blocks and other hardware. His guitars sell in mid-to-upper-four-figure range. There has been up to a three year wait list. There is currently less than a one year wait list. He lives in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, California.